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Hi, I’m Kelly.

I’m glad you’re here

The story about why I started Willow River is not unlike many of your stories. I know this because I have several people in my own life who are in, or were in, my current season of life. It’s not dramatic or gut wrenching. You will not need to reach for a tissue. It won’t go viral on TikTok or Instagram. It is common, but it is real. This is my story and my why.

I became a mother over 6 years ago and it completely changed my life. I had no idea how God would use my sweet children to sanctify me. The things I was prepared for were diaper changes, little baby smiles, tiny fingers wrapped around mine, sleepless nights, and so much love. I was not prepared for the ugliest parts of myself to be exposed. Anger, frustration, impatience, pride, strife, just to name a few. Feelings and things I had no idea were even in me. While I’m grateful for God’s loving kindness to expose these dark spots, it has not always been a fun journey.

God has been showing me how to do better these last few years. How living life on purpose can dramatically change my peace and joy. When I have peace and joy it can dramatically change the whole dynamic in my home.

I could choose to get by with constantly being frustrated and irritated with my kids, husband, and myself (sometimes for no reason). We would still love each other. We would still be a family in the end. But it’s the journey I’m more worried about. It’s the now and the seemingly insignificant moments from day to day that I want to protect. I want to take back what Jesus gave us at the cross.

“Peace I leave with you; my peace I give to you. Let not your hearts be troubled, neither let them be afraid.”

John 14:27 ESV

I’ve learned so much these last few years. I want to share it to encourage others just like I’ve been encouraged. My hope is that through my story people who are in seasons of frustration and difficulty can bring peace and joy back into their own families. With some fun along the way :).

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Who am i?

Fun facts about kelly


The story behind the name willow River

When my husband and I began to think about having a family we also started a ‘girls names’ and ‘boys names’ list. My absolute favorite (at the time) girl name was Willow and boy name was River. My husband vetoed them hard so I knew I would never be able to name my kiddos Willow or River. So instead I named my other ‘baby’, my business became Willow River.


I love jesus!

I became a follower of Jesus when I was 17 and have continued to fall in love with Him ever since. I’ve had my ups and downs as a Christian like we all do, but the Lord always comes through and I’m so grateful for Him!


Coffee please and thank you

I’m definitely a coffee lover at all times of the day. There’s not much better than a good cup of coffee and a good friend to chat with.

The best things in life (IMO)

jesus | Family | donuts 😉