Year on Purpose

Mother and father with three small children posing for a family photo.

Feeling stuck?

Have you ever felt like you are just surviving from one moment to the next? You are constantly moving and not going anywhere? All you’ve done is make lunches, wash dishes, folded laundry, brushed hair, wiped faces (and butts), vacuumed 1,800 times. Yet there’s another meal to prepare, a pile of dirty dishes in your sink, you can’t find clean underwear for your kid (guess I’ll pull from the dirty clothes and pray they’re okay… again…), and somehow you’re still stepping on crumbs.  Well, this is right where I’ve been the last couple years. 

Dirty dishes stacked on a kitchen counter.

God is Working

God has been working hard on me the last couple years in this very spot. I’ve come a long way, but still have so far to go. He has used motherhood to expose the not so pleasant parts of myself. God has shown me how to start finding joy and having His peace right in the middle of the chaos. Serving Him doesn’t just look like feeding the homeless or giving money to the poor. It also looks like preparing a nutritional meal for my family and even cleaning those never ending dishes.

Christ’s Peace is for Us

I can have peace while three little kiddos are all calling for me and needing something. I can be a good wife AND a good mom AND a good housekeeper. I can because it’s not me doing any of it, it’s Jesus! When I try to do it all in my own strength I get frustrated, angry, and quickly lose my joy. BUT in Christ’s mighty power I can do all these things and keep my joy. Even better I get His peace too. 

Come Along with Me!

I just wrote a couple paragraphs on something that has been years, particularly these last two years, in the making. There have been lots of Bible studies, books, podcasts, sermons, etc. that have helped me get to this point. However, this year is all about living out the things God has shown me. I’m hoping you’ll come along with me! 

This is my Year on Purpose.


Check out my other year on purpose posts throughout the year to keep you encouraged on your journey to bringing peace and joy back into your home.

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